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One of the largest collections of high quality hand-painted Byzantine icons ready to ship in 1 business day.

Our mission is to support and develop the traditional iconography art. Bulgaria is one of a few countries in the world which helped to sustain the icon traditions during the centuries. We collaborate with the best iconographers nationwide and guarantee the originality and authenticity of all icons.

We started selling on eBay in May 2012 supporting a local craftsman and thanks to you – our clients – we managed to build and develop BlessedMart.com as it is now. Our items are truly unique! BlessedMart offers handmade and hand-painted items from several iconographers and craftsmen from around the country. Each with its own style and techniques but strictly following the Eastern Orthodox canon and traditions. Additionally we hand craft our own semi-precious Christian jewelries including prayer beads and bracelets.

During the years we have built strong relationships with clients from all around the world. BlessedMart has shipped icons to parish bookstores, church shops, monasteries and private collections in more than 30 countries and the list continues to grow!

We guarantee that our items are not “mass produced” or “manufactured”. Icons that will last for generations to come with no change in color or shape. Take a piece of the Christian history and add it to your icon corner today!

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