How it all started

Blessed Mart is a small family business and it was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria by Miko Stoyanov, an Orthodox Christian.
In 2012 we started with the idea of ​​supporting the popularization of Bulgarian icons abroad. Bulgaria is one of a few countries in the world which helped to sustain the icon traditions during the centuries.
We collaborate with some of the most talented and recognized iconographers in Bulgaria and members of the Bulgarian Iconographic Association, as well as with professional hagiographers from Greece and Romania. Our icons have been sent to private collections, galleries and churches in over 60 countries around the world. The hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers are proof of the high quality of workmanship and good service. We currently offer and are direct importers of various church supplies and souvenirs.

We guarantee that our items are not “mass produced” or “manufactured”. Icons that will last for generations to come with no change in color or shape. Take a piece of the Christian history and add it to your icon corner today! Shop Now

BlessedMart Hand Painted Orthodox Icons

Our store in Sofia, Bulgaria

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